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LFSC Long-Term Athlete Development Philosophy

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At the Lake Forest Swim Club we adhere tightly to a program of long-term athlete development. We believe that the goal of any youth sports program should be developing the foundation and skills necessary for success as youg athletes mature. We strive to establish technical skills, build physical fitness and develop specific race strategies over the course of a swimmer's career. This approach requires great patience but results in a very high success rate during a swimmer's high school and college years.

Our program allows young swimmers the opportunity to progress at their own developmental rate while advancing on an individual basis as they gain strength, skills, experience and maturity. Because children grow and develop at individual rates this approach requires great patience from both parents and coaches.

Swimmers are placed in a practice squad based on the age, ability, experience and their willingness to meet the commitment expected from the squad. Our Age Group program is skill oriented with a gradual increase in the emphasis on physical conditioning. The Senior program progresses in a similar fashion with an increase in both physical demand and commitment.

Over many years swimmers who take the patient LFSC approach have enjoyed tremendous success at all levels of swimming. The consistent focus on technical skills and cardiovascular fitness through the early years of their career has paid off with LFSC swimmers achieving Local, State, National and International success. Whether a swimmer reaches the Olympic Games or wins their first ribbon locally their success can be traced to a long term development philosophy.

The chart below places the LFSC program in context with the work of noted sport researcher Istvan Balyi, internationally acclaimed for his work in Long Term Athlete Development.

Mini Ducks     Mighty Ducks     Yellow Squad     Green Squad

Bronze Squad     Senior Squad     National Squad